Mindfulness Asia is one of the pioneers of the mindfulness field in the Philippines as well as one of the first mindfulness consultancy firms in Asia. The company guides those who want to be more self-aware, less stressed, and live a joyful life.


Entrepreneur, dharma leader, mindfulness facilitator, mindful yoga teacher, mom and inspirational speaker

Meet ImeeImee is a doting mother to two young, energetic boys. She is very engaged in her kids’ lives and keeps herself busy as a Waldorf mom. She currently serves as the first presiding Community Wellness Committee Head at Acacia Waldorf School, where she is cultivating an interest in Steiner Education and Philosophies, and sharing the benefits of breath mindfulness, yoga practice, and nutritious meals to the students and parents of this flourishing community.

When at home she can be found tending to her organic garden, which has been a major source of her life and work inspirations.  She concocts her green smoothies with the freshly harvested greens from the garden.  She loves to cook simple yet delectable dishes, that are nutritious and nourish the body yet flavourful enough to satisfy the soul.  Through her passion for sharing healthy nourishment, her business. SunDream, came into fruition.

Imee discovered yoga at Berkeley, California in 1995, which shifted her awareness into health & wellness. She volunteered at Aurora Wellness Center in Amsterdam during her three month visit in 2001 that further enhanced her calling for wholistic healing. After moving to Laguna, Philippines, it became clear that finding an affordable and conveniently located yoga class in the area was going to be a challenge. So Imee ventured off to India in 2009 to become immersed in the yogic lifestyle she is so passionate about and is now a certified Yoga Therapist.  She incorporates mindfulness when she teaches yoga postures, making it a meditative movement practice.

Imee learned about meditation in 1990, at sixteen years old, and lightly dipped into the practice as a teenager and young adult.  Nevertheless, she has been a dedicated meditator since 2005 and maintains a deep and consistent practice, on and off the cushion.  She is passionate and committed to eco-living and relational practices.  She aspires to make an impact by helping to people connect with themselves, others, and the environment through the teaching of mindfulness.  

​In addition to her local teaching programs in the Philippines, Imee is a Community Dharma Leader at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.  She is a visiting teacher at East Bay Meditation Center and  has been a teaching assistant for Marvin Belzer’s Psychiatry 175 summer program at UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. Imee has an open invitation to return as a yoga teacher during the ten-day meditation retreats at Wat Suan Mokkh in Thailand, where her teaching technique with breath mindfulness is greatly appreciated.

Contributing as a Bonus Expert to Rick Hanson’s Foundations of Well Being program, Imee shares how her meditation practice helped her to overcome some of life’s difficult challenges and allowed her to thrive and find true joy.  She is also a featured teacher in the meditation app called Liberate, a platform created by Julio Rivera aimed to serve the People of Color community.  She is an  IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Professional Level (CMT-P).

Imee is founder of Mindfulness Asia and co-founder of Philippine Insight Meditation Community and Katahimikan; National Day of Mindfulness.  She is also one of the core leaders, along with Verlinda Montoya and Carol Cano, of Deep Renewal  Women’s Gathering at Wolf Dream Mountain in Lake Country, California.

Always with a beginner’s mind, Imee is aware that the yogic path is a lifetime journey and continuous learning process. She believes that a happy, fulfilling life can be achieved by being connected to our inner being.


Help usher in a world where people are self-aware, focused, and engaged through mindfulness.


A joyful, compassionate, and mindful global community.



Practicing mindfulness is simple but it takes commitment—apart from receiving guidance, one has to practice with dedication. We commit to support you on your path to being fully present by inspiring you to be an earnest practitioner.


Practicing mindfulness is simple but it takes commitment—apart from receiving guidance, one has to practice with dedication. We commit to support you on your path to being fully present by inspiring you to be an earnest practitioner.


Mindfulness Asia believes in diligently seeking the truth within yourself and your environment so you can live a life of integrity, authenticity, and remain loyal to your values.